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Geothermal Manufacturing Prize

The American-Made Geothermal Manufacturing Prize (Geothermal Prize) is designed to spur innovation and address manufacturing challenges fundamental to operating in harsh geothermal environments. This prize further supports the ability of the geothermal industry to reach the target of 60 GWe of geothermal capacity by 2050 as outlined in the recently released GeoVision study.

The Geothermal Manufacturing Prize

As part of the American-Made Challenges series, the Geothermal Prize unites the world’s best-in-class research base with the unparalleled entrepreneurial support system of the American-Made Network. Consisting of pioneering maker spaces, dozens of energy incubators, universities, and 17 DOE National Laboratories, the Network is primed to create a sweeping portfolio of innovations to demonstrate the promise of additive manufacturing.

The Prize Structure

The Geothermal Prize is a series of four progressive competitions that harness the rapid advances that additive manufacturing can provide in tool design, fabrication, and functionality. It incentivizes innovators and entrepreneurs to discover new advanced manufacturing solutions. This rapid, scalable approach to prototype development not only provides cash prizes, but also engages America’s unique innovation ecosystem to help participants achieve their goals.

Congratulations to our Ready! Contest Winners!

Congratulations to all of the winners from the Ready! Contest! These 15 teams were recipients of a cash prize.

entry title (listed alphabetically) team location
3D Printed Frac plug for Geothermal Applications Team Schlumberger - Led by Bhushan Pendse Houston, TX
3D Printing of High-Temperature Elastomers Team Schlumberger - Led by Huilin Tu Houston, TX
Additive Manufactured Backup-Rings for Packers Team Baker Hughes Houston, TX
Additively Manufactured Mechanical Metamaterials Multiscale Systems Worcester, MA
Capturing Energy in Extreme Downhole Conditions Dr. Edem Tsikata Cambridge, MA
Closed Loop Helical Downhole Heat Exchanger Sage Geosystems Houston, TX
Device to Remove Scale in Geothermal Wells by A.M. Dreamer Geothermophiles Grand Forks, ND
Geothermal 3-Axis Wideband Vibration-Accelerometer Dr. Harold Snyder Rockwall, TX
HyperDrilled & 3D printed concrete CWD geo wells Team Hypersciences Spokane, WA
Innovation: Expanding Geothermal Energy Solutions GreenFire Energy Emeryville, CA
Novel Metal Annular Barrier for Geothermal Systems Welltec Richmond, TX
Optimization of Gas Sparger Head for Airlift Team PLUGS Morgantown, WV
Project Hot Hammer The Bit Guys Morgantown, WV
Ultra High Temperature Logging Tool Team Ultra High-Temperature Logging Tool Houston, TX
Using AM to rapidly deploy new sensors into EGS Ozark Integrated Circuits Fayetteville, AR

Important Dates

  • Prize Announced: January 2020

  • Rules Feedback Request:
    • Opened: January, 2020
    • Closed: April, 2020

  • Ready! Contest closed
    • Opened: April 29, 2020
    • Closed: August 26, 2020 at 5 p.m. ET
    • Ready! Contest winners announced: October 18, 2020

  • Set! Contest
    • Opened: October 18, 2020
    • Set! Competitor AM design workshop at the ORNL MDF: November 4–6, 2020
    • Submission deadline: February 17, 2021 at 5 p.m. ET
    • Set! Contest winners announced: April 2021 anticipated

  • Make! Contest
    • Opens: April 2021 anticipated
    • Submission deadline: November 2021 anticipated
    • Make! Contest winners announced at live demo day: January 2022 anticipated

  • Geo! Contest
    • Opens: January 2022 anticipated
    • Submission deadline: May 2022 anticipated
    • Geo! Contest winners announced at live demo day: July 2022 anticipated

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