Round 2 Go! Demo Day

The American-Made Solar Prize Round 2 finalist teams have been working hard over the past few months preparing to pitch their technology at Go! Demo Day. Since learning of their status as Round 2 finalists in March 2020, these 10 teams have been substantially advancing their solutions from proof-of-concept to refined prototypes and finding partners to perform pilot tests of the prototypes.

Go! Demo Day marks the culmination of Round 2, with two final winners announced on Aug. 28, 2020, in a virtual format. Here’s what Round 2 Go! Demo Day will look like:

  • Aug. 18: Teams submit a video pitch, which will be publicly viewable here
  • Aug. 27: Teams participate in a private Q&A session with a panel of expert reviewers
  • Aug. 27: Teams and solar industry members are invited to a networking event hosted by Nation of Makers
  • Aug. 28: Two final winners will be announced, each winning $500,000 in cash prizes and $75,000 in technical support.

The Solar Prize administrators invite all industry experts, cleantech investors, and anyone interested in solar innovation to join the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on Friday, Aug. 28, at 1:00 p.m. ET for the live finalist announcement. Assistant Secretary for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Daniel R Simmons, will announce the final winners in this monumental solar event. Don’t miss it!

Networking Event

On Thursday, Aug. 27, at 3 p.m. ET, Nation of Makers is hosting a networking event for all Solar Prize Round 2 teams and industry experts. This event is free and open to anyone interested in connecting with solar professionals.

Team Profiles and Video Pitches

Who are the Round 2 finalists and what technologies are they pitching? View each team's video pitch and interview, listed in the order in which they will be participating in the private Q&A sessions. Contact information for each team is also available for those who are interested.

teams listed by Q&A order

Team: Integrated Silicon Systems
Technology: Continuous Silicon Wafer Production
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Erik Ydstie of Integrated Silicon Systems
Project Summary: Integrated Silicon Systems is developing a low-cost manufacturing method for silicon wafers using a technique that involves melting the silicon, which floats as it solidifies, and slowly pulling a continuous, thin layer of it.
Pitch Video:
Team: Asoleyo
Technology: Asoleyo Architectural Solar
Location: Herndon, VA
Contact: Adam Winsor of Asoleyo
Project Summary: Asoleyo is designing front contact patterns on solar cells for visually appealing solar surfaces.
Pitch Video:
Team: Switched Source
Technology: Phase-EQ for Distributing Solar in Communities
Location: Vestal, NY
Contact: Charles Murray of Switched Source
Project Summary: Switched Source is developing a device, and software to control it, that will enable higher penetration of solar on distribution feeders without costly infrastructure upgrades.
Pitch Video:
Team: Terra Pave
Technology: Dirt Control, Bifacial albedo, Roads replacement
Location: Austin, TX
Contact: David Pham of Terra Pave
Project Summary: Terra Pave is creating an eco-friendly, cost-effective road coating that controls dust and dirt on high-traffic roads near solar field installations to reduce dirt cover on panels, which lowers energy output.
Pitch Video:
Team: SolPaver
Technology: SolPavers-Elegant, Invisible, Low-cost, Safe Solar
Location: New Braunfels, TX
Contact: Joe Byles of SolPaver
Project Summary: SolPaver is transforming the patio paver into a sunlight-permeable, high-strength, composite concrete and resin paver that produces power and eliminates the need for additional mounting hardware.
Pitch Video:
Team: Vespr Solar
Technology: V-Clip: Fast, Secure, Reliable PV Panel Attachment
Location: Norman, OK
Contact: Robert Sewell of Vespr Solar
Project Summary: Vespr Solar is building a solar module attachment system with a spring-based clip that locks to secure the module while providing electrical bonding and wire management capabilities, which simplifies and lowers the cost of installation.
Pitch Video:
Team: Orison
Technology: Orison Energy Storage Enables Solar
Location: Cody, WY
Contact: Eric Clifton of Orison
Project Summary: Orison is developing an in-home energy storage unit that plugs into a standard wall outlet and can be charged using solar energy.
Pitch Video:
Team: SunFlex Solar
Technology: Back-contacted silicon modules at the cost of PERC
Location: Tempe, AZ
Contact: Kate Fisher of SunFlex Solar
Project Summary: SunFlex Solar is replacing high-cost copper back-sheets used in standard back-contacted silicon cells with lower-cost aluminum.
Pitch Video:
Team: Resilient Power Systems
Technology: >15kV Power Router (SST) DC coupled solar+storage
Location: Georgetown, TX
Contact: Josh Keister of Resilient Power Systems
Project Summary: Resilient Power Systems is developing a power router to connect a medium-scale solar plant directly to the medium-voltage grid, eliminating equipment that is typically required and reducing costs.
Pitch Video:
Team: Taka Solar
Technology: Advanced Bifacial Panel
Location: Mountain View, CA
Contact: Chris Barnes of Taka Solar
Project Summary: Taka Solar will make an integrated solar panel and mount product for flat commercial rooftops that installs four times faster and weighs half as much as traditional installations.
Pitch Video:

Find out which two teams will become the final Solar Prize Round 2 winners, each earning $500,000 in cash prizes and $75,000 in support vouchers for their outstanding solar innovations.

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